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When I first started producing Get Up! Get Out! for Detroit Public Television, I was looking for ways to help make the content of the show a little more inventive. I had the idea to devise a scavenger hunt using natural landmarks on one of the local greenways, and as I was looking for those landmarks I was struck by the sight of a lone white tree just off of a footbridge over I-75. I made the episode all about the search for the “ivory tree.” It was one of our better episodes in my first season on the show, and ever since it has symbolized what I hope to bring to any project: the idea taking inspiration out of the ordinary. It’s a new approach, a new way of looking at something. And that’s the “out of the box” creativity I try to bring to every project as Ivory Tree Media.


I’ve written and produced projects for Detroit Public Television, Michigan Television, Metrocom International and HKO Media, from full-length documentaries and series, to corporate videos and short-form topical, historical, and cultural programs. As a writer, producer and creative consultant, I can bring that same level of imagination to any stage of production, from pre-production to website design and implementation. Take a few moments to see some of the work I’m most proud of. And then maybe think of how I can help you.

Oliver R. Thornton